Find new ways to save on phone service…

Let’s find ways to cut costs. Get a free audit of your phone bill from Helm Rock Consulting!

Eliminate the hidden costs of phone service

Chances are, you may be spending too much on your current phone system. Hidden costs—like hardware replacements, annual maintenance contracts and infrastructure management—happen unexpectedly and add up quickly.

Eliminate these costs by switching to hosted Voice over IP from our partner, Cytracom.

Here are just a couple of ways Cytracom helps you save:
They cover licensing, software updates, and annual maintenance
Simplify your budget with predictable monthly billing
Move your phone to the same network as your computers
Get a lifetime warranty on your phones and 36-month upgrades for free
Receive automated updates and maintenance for no additional costs

Let’s compare your current phone bill to a Cytracom solution—and determine whether hosted VoIP is right for your business. Please feel free to call us directly at (503) 832-0600 to set up a telecom audit.